And now for something a little different…

January 3, 2007

Mill Shack Roof

Near the house is a mill, built in 1848, and abandoned in 1988. Folks are trying to renovate it, to turn it into office and retail space. How well do you think that’s going?


3 Responses to “And now for something a little different…”

  1. alejna said

    Cool picture. I like the patterns, textures and subtle color variations. Post more pictures.

  2. Gary Smith said

    I have long been facinated with deterioration. These last reminders of our rural past are found less and less frequently as they are replaced by newer buildings or just disposed of. I don’t suggest they be resurected ,they often are too far gone for that but they should be recorded as having existed. So keep on photographing these architectural ghosts and note the address of their resting place.

  3. jwbates said

    Gary: are you familiar with the work of David Plowden? I’ll bet you’d like it…

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