Picnic on the Charles

March 27, 2007

Picnic on theĀ Charles
Alejna and Phoebe picnic on the banks of the Charles.

5 Responses to “Picnic on the Charles”

  1. jenny said

    john – this is absolutely gorgeous. did you colorize or push the colors in photoshop?

  2. jwbates said

    Sort of… it’s my own photoshop recipe that I came up with to get the sort of moody saturation that I often like in an image. I go from a low-contrast, low-saturation RAW image directly into LAB mode, make a copy of the image in a second layer, and set that layer to “soft light”. That jacks the saturation and contrast way up, but I blur the luminosity channel of the new layer, which gives an odd kind of feel to the edges.

    For finer control over the saturation, I put the second layer into a group (in “soft light” mode) with a solid gray fill. Adjusting the transparency of the fill layer lets me tune the colors. Adjusting the transparency of the group lets me control the overall effect.

    It’s kind of like “sandwiching” in the darkroom, where you use two negatives and play with the distance between them.

  3. jenny said

    damn. that’s way more sophisticated than anything i’ve deliberately done in photoshop. the result is phenomenal; i’ll have to try it sometime with some of mine (if you don’t mind).

  4. jwbates said

    Of course… I’d love to see it.

  5. baggagecarousel4 said

    fantastic effect – i used it here in a quick try; it could definitely use more careful application.

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