Good Boots

November 30, 2007

These are my boots:

Good Boots #1

They are good boots.

Good Boots #2

I have had these boots for nearly six years, and worn them nearly every day of those years.

Good Boots #3

I like my boots. (That last shot is the one that I really like the best, and of course it is the one accident that I had: a strobe that I’d set up didn’t fire.)


3 Responses to “Good Boots”

  1. alejna said

    Great boots!

    John likes to wear his dark black boots. Every day. He wears them when he eats. He wears them when he sleeps. (Well, not really.)

    Oh, and great shots of the boots, too.

  2. jwbates said

    They are good boots.

  3. laloca said

    they are indeed good boots. I’ve only gone through 3 pair in 18 years. of course, that means the process of getting new ones is always traumatic.

    unfortunately I don’t wear them much anymore, preferring to approximate barefootedness as often as possible. I suppose that just means I’ll be spared new-boot trauma for awhile longer.

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